1、H7N9 imported case confirmed, plan in place to prevent spread of virus

The Government urges members of the public to remain vigilant and to take notice of advice regarding the prevention of avian influenza virus A (H7N9), following the confirmation of an imported case of the disease in Macao.The Government has initiated its

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2、Consumer Council’s 2016 complaint cases dropped by twelve percent

Consumer Council received a total of 6,420 cases last year, down by 13.7 percent year-on-year, with a clearance rate of over 90 percent. The Consumer Arbitration Centre received 19 cases in 2016.??????? Consumer Council received 1,673 complaint cases in 2

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4、Paper about relaxing Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio of Mortgage Loans speculating through internet

?? In regard to the subject, the institution concerned has already clarified accordingly.? The Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) would like to take the opportunity to emphasize that the guidelines relating to mortgage loans remain to be effective and the

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Meeting Challenges and Looking for Opportunities Elites of the Convention and Exhibition Industry fr

Co-organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) and the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SIS

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6、Consumer Council released its latest ‘Supermarket price survey’ Surveyed spots included supermarkets

Consumer Council conducted its 'Supermarket price survey' inJanuary on 13 January for the implementation of Section 2b), Article 10, Law 4/95/M of 12 June. Surveyed locations included supermarkets in S?o Lázaro and S?o Louren?o Parishes.The latest 'Sup

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CEFCO 2017 Helps to Promote the Advantages of Macao′s MICE Activities Some Participants Praise Macao

Mr. Wang Jinzhen, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), one of the Co-organizers of the 13th China Expo Forum for International Co-operation (CEFCO 2017), said that the representativeness of participating countri

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16th Macao City Fringe Festival officially inaugurated creating a rich feast of art

The 16th Macao City Fringe Festival, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and co-organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, is held from 13 to 22 January. The opening ceremony was held on Saturday, 14 January, at 3pm, at the Old Court Buildi

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Holding of CEFCO 2017 in Macao Enhances the City′s International Influence and Provides Internationa

After three days running, the 13th China Expo Forum for International Co-operation (CEFCO 2017) ended successfully in Macao today (Jan. 14). Macao′s MICE industry operators all agree that the holding of this international event in Macau not only pushes fo

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14、Foreign exchange reserves and nominal effective exchange rate index for the pataca – December 2016

The Monetary Authority of Macao announced today that the preliminary estimate of Macao SAR's foreign exchange reserves amounted to MOP155.7 billion (USD19.49billion) at the end of December 2016. The reserves increased by 2.8% from the revised value of MO

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The award-wining Macao film “Crash” has received another prize in the 13th China Independent Film Fe

The film Crash, directed by local director Hong Heng Fai, after receiving a number of local and foreign film awards, has recently won the Best Short Film Award in the competition section of short fiction films in the 13th China Independent Film Festival.

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